1 . Study the given information carefully and answer the given questions:

In a certain code language 'find a good home' is written as 'dn co he rh', 'charity begins at home' is written as 'rh na ek sa', 'find good charity store' is written as 'na dn he ku' and 'a store at station' is written as 'co ek ku ze'. (All codes are two-letter codes only.)
What does the code 'ek' stand for in the given code language?
[ A ]    store
[ B ]    at right
[ C ]    charity
[ D ]    Either find or good
[ E ]    a
Answer : Option B
Explanation :
find a good home $\rightarrow$dn co he rh ... (i)

charity begins at home $\rightarrow$rh na ek sa ... (ii)

find good charity store $\rightarrow$na dn he ku ... (iii)

a store at station $\rightarrow$co ek ku ze... (iv)

From (i) and (ii), home $\rightarrow$rh ... (v)

From (ii) and (iii), charity $\rightarrow$na ... (vi)

From (ii) and (iv), at $\rightarrow$ek ... (vii)

From (ii), (v), (vi) and (vii),

begins $\rightarrow$sa ... (viii)

From (i) and (iv), a $\rightarrow$co ... (ix)

From (iii) and (iv), store $\rightarrow$ku ... (x)

From (iv), (vii), (ix) and (x),

station $\rightarrow$ze ... (xi)

From (iii), (vi) and (x),

find/good $\rightarrow$dn/he ... (xii)

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