1 . Study the given information carefully to answer the following questions:
An organisation has of 1500 employees. The ratio of males to females is 17: 13. All the employees work at five different levels named I, II, III, IV and V. 28 percent of females are at level I.18 percent of the males work at level II. Onefifth of the males work at level V. The ratio of females to males at level II is 2 : 3. 25 percent of the total number of employees are at level III. Females working at level V are 60 percent of the males who work at the same level. 18 percent of the females are at level IV. The remaining females are at level III. 16 percent of the males work at level I and the remaining males are working at level IV.
What is the number of males working at level III?
[ A ]    136
[ B ]    228 right
[ C ]    253
[ D ]    163
[ E ]    270
Answer : Option B
Explanation :

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